Update facts on moi

I haven’t posted much on my personal life. Actually, I’m not much for posting anything personal on here anymore. I’ll give you guys a wee update though.

  • I am officially a horse trainer, I’ve been in a horse expo recently, and I’m training for trail trials.
  • I have two jobs. Trainer and an alternative shop as the charming cashier.
  • Sometimes I do photography for bands at concerts when I’m requested.
  • I AM SINGLE! So no more asks about it. I am, I am, I am!
  • I am also mingling, always up for going on a date, ladies!
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for four years next month.
  • Going back to school after summer! Finishing my degree and moving on to get that Master’s!

That’s about it, sorry for the lack of detail recently.