It is nearly 5am and I am up watching Under The Tuscan Sun..

and drawing something for my amazing fiance. She had a pretty bad tummy ache before she fell asleep. I’ve been making her mint tea all night and cuddling her. Now she is asleep and I want her to wake to something good. Art is my forte, therefore it is my go-to and she loves my work. I think I’m also going to do something in clay. Have a cute little handful of things for her when she rises. Occasionally I reach over and rub her back to let her know I’m still next to her in bed.

I will always take care of you, I will always be yours, and I will never let you down. 

Forever, baby. 

You and I.

My fiance and I created a Youtube account together.

We will be creating topics and trying to post at least once a week. There are no videos up yet, considering we just created it—soon though. So, if you enjoy watching people talk for what seems to be a year about things that everyone has already talked about, subscribe! Also if you just want to stare at n awesome, adorable, power couple. That’s a good reason to subscribe as well.

We will definitely touch on LGBTQ topics.


We have decided our color scheme for the wedding—Black, white, and purple.

I have my best man, my psm, of course. Then three groomsmen, my sister, Zach, and Jake. 

Baby has her maid of honor and brides maids.

We have decided it will be in Washington and I am tattooing part of our rings tonight. 

I am so fucking happy. I cannot wait to marry this girl.